Musicproduction, -label and -publishing,

Score, Jingles and more.

Specialised in traditional turkish music and crossover between orient and occident

This Label based on a concept: From a handmade composition to an award winning production, a jam session to a finished studio recording, a band rehearsal to a large live-show and intern publishing all the way to international or national retailing …. MCY is truly an allround label. It offers a very unique platform for artists. Networking with Singers, Rappers, Songwriters, state of the art producers and musicians while collaborating with entertainment- and artist management as well as label management.

MCY-MUSIC is where Orient meets Occident. Hip Hop meets Classic. Classic meets Lounge, Lounge meets Orient, Latin meets Orient…….everything is possible at MCY´s World.

Projects like: musical collage ARMIDA; intercultural opera pasticcio by Mehmet. C Yesilcay

Also different historical music projects with the PERA ENSEMBLE like Psalms Davids (1 GOD), La Fete du Serail.

Collaboration with Deluxe TV and other media companies.